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Sounds Out of This World
Stereophonic test tracks and selections from the Omega catalog. Artists include Dick Marx, The Hi-Los, Chaino, Francis Bay, Pola Chappel, Pierre Cochereau, and more. Packaging cheapened, design changed when new management took over Omegadisks. This cover art would replace original designs on other omegadisks as well.
Available on Apple Music.

Test signals / Louise / Surrey with the Fringe on Top / Mambo del Quado / Up to Jupiter / Cum-Ba See / Sweet Sue / Joey Joey Joey / Topaz / Guaglione / Fantasia in C excerpt / Es Klappert die Muhle / Jamaican Rhumba / Destination Moon Finale
Bedside Companion for Playboys
Selections from Omega disks and tapes. Artists include the Hi-Los, Ernestine Anderson, Francis Bay, Dick Marx, Inez Jones, Oscar Moore, Andre Montero, and more. Includes the only LP releases of: Mickey Mouse Theme (Dick Marx), Latin Heat (Francis Bay), Limehouse Blues (Ernestine Anderson and Dick Marx), and probably the only unaltered Return to Paradise (Los Gatos Ritmos). Packaging cheapened, cover design changed (and lifted from an old Hallmark LP) when new owners took over Omegadisks. Original liner notes.

Sports Car Races / Mickey Mouse Theme / Take the 'A' Train / Dancing on the Ceiling / Island of Desire / Coop Salutes / Return to Paradise / Latin Heat / Limehouse Blues / Laura / Daybreak / Angel Eyes / It Aint Necessarily So / A Visit to a Hindu Monastery
Omegadisk Demo
A 7” mini-LP with selections from OSL 1 Champagne Music for Dancing and OSL 3 Destination Moon. Conductor of the latter misidentified as Hans Hagen.
Champagne Music for Dancing / Pink Champagne
Lloyd Mumm and his Starlight Roof Orchestra
The OSL series of stereo lps had corresponding mono numbers (e.g. OML-1001). At some point (probably when they ran out of covers) OSL-1 was re-named to ‘Pink Champagne’ (OSL-37) using the same cover as OSL 37. To differentiate them a Vol 1 (or Vol 2 as approrpiate) was added in small print, although some covers didn’t have either designation, and some that did used the wrong one! OSL-1 also appeared on a Crown LP credited to "Dean Lester"; compare that Crown cover to OSL 37 . The notes on the box for one of the 'Lloyd Mumm' releases credit the accordion playing to Freddy Saunder, an alias used by Fritz Sundermann, Belgian guitarist who played with the Francis Bay Orchestra. From ST 2026.
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Bubbles in the Wine / The Girl Friend / Josephine / Hey, Mr Banjo / In a Little Spanish Town / Clarinet Polka / Tonight We Love / Louise / The Poor People of Paris / Lichtensteiner Polka / Till the End of Time

The deluxe boxed format is a good deal more attractive in itself than for the pedestrian performances. —High Fidelity
Marx Makes Broadway
Dick Marx / Buddy Collette
The third version of the cover misspelled Dick Marx's name! Joey, Joey was issued on an Omega 45 rpm single, coupled with the Mickey Mouse theme (OSD 2).
From ST 7033.
Reissued on CD by VSOP. Available on Apple Music.

Joey Joey / Why Can't You Behave? / All of You / Cool / Too Close for Comfort / If I Were a Bell / Baubles, Bangles, and Beads / A Sleepin' Bee / Guys and Dolls / Just in Time

The arrangements are clean and musical, the ensemble and recording technique couldn’t be better…Of course Dick Marx is the standout. —HiFi/Stereo Review
Destination Moon
Heinz Sandauer / The Omega Orchestra
From ST 3015.
Reissued on CD by Citadel. Available on Apple Music and on youtube.

Earth / In Outer Space / On the Surface of the Moon / Escape from the Moon / Finale

The music has a weird fascination heightened by the aural captivity of stereo. Hair-raising sonics convey with genuine drama Stevens’ impression of weightlessness, the void of space, the ruggedness of the moon, and near misses by meteors. —High Fidelity
Music for Heavenly Bodies
Paul Tanner / Andre Montero and his Orchestra
Paul Tanner plays his Electro-Theremin. Original liner notes.
From ST 3016.
Available on Apple Music.

Up to Jupiter / Misty Moon Blues / Midnight Sun / Lost in the Stars / 20th Century Venus / I Wished on the Moon / Sunrise Serenade / Moonlight Serenade / The Red Sea of Mars / Holiday on Saturn / Over the Rainbow / Out of this World / The Story of a Starry Night
Jazz Rolls Royce
Howard Rumsey's Lighthous All-Stars
Performers include Stu Williamson, Frank Rosolino, Bob Cooper, Victor Feldman, Stan Levey. The second cover came after Omega changed hands. This is one of several omegadisks that were given this design.
From ST 7024.
Reissued on CD by Fresh Sounds. Available on Apple Music.

Strike Up the Band / Prelude to the Queen / Clown's Dance / Coop Salutes the Co-op / Bruinville, My Bruinville / Mambe del Quado
Rolling with Bolling
Claude Bolling and his Big Band
Licensed from the Club Francais du Disque.
From ST 7021.
Available on youtube.

Royal Garden Blues / I Thought I Heard Buddy Bolden Say / Muskrat Ramble / High Society / Coronet Chop Suey / Saint Louis Blues / Basin Street Blues / King Porter Stomp

Swinging, functional arrangements in the mainstream big band banner…Brass is usually on the right and reeds on the left, but there is some shifting. —HiFi/Stereo Review
Jungle Echoes
Chaino and his African Percussion Safari
From ST 7059.
Available on youtube.

The Jungle Chase / Torture of the Mau Mau / Co-gona Voodoo / The Feast Dance / The Limbo / Jungle Drum Variations / Cum-Ba-See / The Spear Dance / Safari Jungle Maze

Chaino, a Central African native now improbably domiciled in Philadelphia, moves to the head of the percussion class with this virtuoso performance on a battery of timpani. His repertoire—scored to screams, bellows, pants, grunts, and an occasional chant—is another matter…I, for one, was not regaled. Still, Chaino is a gifted performer…Omega’s crisply articulated stereo sound provides a brilliant sonic frame. —High Fidelity
Stravinsky: Petrouchka
Rudolf Albert / Cento Soli Orchestra of Paris
Licensed from the Club Francais du Disque.
From ST 3014.
Reissued on CD by Accord.

The performance as such is mediocre. Stereo directionality is weak. —HiFi/Stereo Review
The endless details of orchestration are so clearly, startlingly brought out that you will be fascinated for hours, given a bit of musical curiosity. —Audio
Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique
Louis Fourestier / Cento Soli Orchestra of Paris
Licensed from the Club Francais du Disque.
From ST 3013.
Reissued on CD by Accord.

Omega has scored a triumph in the technical department. Sonically this recording is astounding, especially on the low end of the frequency spectrum…Listen to the Scaffold Scene, and to the basses in the Witches’ Sabbath over a large speaker system, and hear what I mean. —HiFi/Stereo Review
Fourestier’s Fantastique is fairly much of a surface-skimming job…Omega’s sound is clear and generally well-defined, though a bit light on the bass end. —High Fidelity
Cinema Italiano / Italian Film Festival
Pola Chapell / Quintetto Almeida
OSL 10
From ST 2034.

Autumn in Rome (Indiscretion) / Anema e Core (Three Coins in the Fountain) / Believe in Me (Summertime) / Gelsomina (La Strada) / Souvenir D'Italie (Danger! Girls at Play) / Guaglione (10,000 Bedrooms) / Arrivederci Roma (Seven Hills of Rome) / Ciurri-Ciurri (Volcano) / Scapricciatiello (Wild as the Wind) / Anna (Anna)
The Hi-Los in Stereo
The Hi-Los / Frank Comstock and his Orchestra
OSL 11
Despite the title, several tracks were in mono. Licensed from Starlite Records.
From ST 7006.
Reissued on CD by drg. Available on Apple Music.

Surrey with the Fringe on Top / Birth of the Blues / You Took Advantage of Me / Summertime / Too Young for the Blues / Chinatown, My Chinatown / Shadow Waltz / You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby / Long Ago and Far Away / Clap Yo Hands
Schubert: Symphony 9 in C "The Great"
Ataulfo Argenta / Cento Soli Orchestra of Paris
OSL 12
Licensed from the Club Francais du Disque.
Reel: RSTC 302.
Reissued on CD by Accord and EMI.

This is a disc of which any record company would be proud. It’s a stately, firm performance that captures the spirit of the music, at the same time that it discloses some rather personal ideas about it…The microphoning is close-in and the sound is clean, with very natural directionality. —HiFi/Stereo Review
The Argenta version is noticeably less interesting partly, I suspect, due to the all-French orchestra (oh, what a sad, wobbly, French French horn at the beginning)…I don’t go along in this case with the extravagant praise heaped up on Argenta (who died suddenly) by Omega’s copy writers. —Audio
Argenta’s reading is characterized by gracefullness and understatement…an excellent example of recorded sound, but not a particularly distinguished example of stereophonic sound. —High Fidelity
Bach: Harpsichord Concertos 1 and 4
Rugerro Gerlin / Victor Desarzens / Cento Soli Orchestra of Paris
OSL 13
Licensed from the Club Francais du Disque.

This is a fine disc. The performances are direct and straightforward…The recording is full-bodied. —HiFi/Stereo Review
The performance of the D minor is more notable for energy than for finesse…Stereo is fine here: harpsichord and low strings in one channel, violins in the other, all blending at the proper distance into live, spacious, clear sound. —High Fidelity
Schumann: Piano Concerto
Karl Engel / Daniel Chabrun / Cento Soli Orchestra of Paris
OSL 14
Licensed from the Club Francais du Disque.
Reissued on CD by Accord.

The performance is a bold and forthright one with very nible finger work. It generates real kinetic excitement, with plenty of zing and genuine stylistic flair. —HiFi/Stereo Review
Music of Roussel
Claude Heffler / Rudolf Albert / Serge Baudo / Cento Soli Orchestra of Paris
OSL 15
Licensed from the Club Francais du Disque.

The Spider's Feast / Piano Concerto

Both works are given superb performances and the quality of Omega’s stereo recording is excellent. For anyone with a desire to investigate music slightly off the beaten path, this disc is highligh recommended. —HiFi/Stereo Review
The Brussels World's Fair Salutes Tommy Dorsey / Opus No. 1
Francis Bay and his Big Band
OSL 16
Omega's Francis Bay series (recorded at the Brussels World's Fair) was the label's most ambitious original recording project. Omega travelled to Belgium to produce these spectacularly lifelike recordings. The series as announced in Billboard (October 1958) was to include a tribute to Mantovani. That did show up, but not as a Francis Bay release (see OSL 23 below). Original World's Fair cover designs revamped after about a year when the fair had become old news.
From ST 7035.
Available on youtube.

Opus One / Daybreak / Love for Sale / This Love of Mine / Hawaiian War Chant / Not So Quiet Please / There Are Such Things / Well Git It / I'll Never Smile Again / Yes Indeed

A rekindling of the creative spark is not always possible, but these modernized arrangements are uniformly suitable for dancing. —Audio
This set by a European band does not come off very well. And when the soloist tries to play like TD the result is disastrous. —HiFi/Stereo Review
Their style won’t impress aficionados of Dorsey and the rest as an exact facsimile. But the recordings are virtually flawless and yiel a convincing stereo spread in additiion to excellent tonal and instrumental homogeneity. —High Fidelity
Salute to Ted Headh / Flag Wavers / Heathsville
Francis Bay and his Big Band
OSL 17
From ST 7036.
Available on youtube.

King's Cross Climax / Lullaby of Birdland / Jungle Drums / Hot Toddy / I've Got the World on a String / Heathsville / Strike Up the Band / Blue Skies March / Madagascar / Dig Deep / The Hawk Talks / Listen to My Music

This European band produces a reasonable facsimile of the Heath organization. It is pleasant, well-played, and quite enjoyable. —HiFi/Stereo Review
The Brussels World's Fair Salutes Glenn Miller / In the Mood
Francis Bay and his Big Band
OSL 18
From ST 7037.
Available on youtube.

St Louis Blues March / At Last / Sleepy Town Train / Yesterday's Gardenias / In the Mood / American Patrol / I Know Why / Tuxedo Junction / Rhapsody in Blue / Adios

Pleasantly played, set in good tempos, and perfectly OK for dancing and/or listening. —HiFi/Stereo Review
The Bay Big Band Swings the 40s / Benny Rides Again
Francis Bay and his Big Band
OSL 19
From ST 7038.

Let's Dance / Jersey Bounce / Wang Wang Blues / I Found a New Baby / Benny Rides Again / And the Angels Sing / Air Mail Special / Brussels Blues / Six Flats Unfurnished / Goodbye

The trouble here is that Goodman did it too well in the first place for an European band to make a passable copy…The flesh is willing but the spirit (of jazz) is weak. —HiFi/Stereo Review
Salute to Perez Prado / The Bay Big Band's Latin Beat / Prado Mania
Francis Bay and his Big Band
OSL 20
From ST 7039.
Reissued on CD by VSOP. Available on Apple Music.

Mangos / Mambo Jambo / Patricia / Tequila / Rumbalero / Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White / Mambo No. 5 / Guaglione / April in Portugal / Topaz
Swing Low Great Clarinet / Salute to Artie Shaw Orchestra / Shaw 'Nuff
Francis Bay and his Big Band
OSL 21
From ST 7040.
Available on youtube.

Begin the Beguine / Dancing in the Dark / Cross Your Heart / When the Quail Come Back to San Quentin / Temptation / 's Wonderful / Stardust / Frenesi / Summit Ridge Drive / Moonglow / Nightmare
Swingin' Sweet Trumpet / James Session
Francis Bay and his Big Band
OSL 22
From ST 7041.
Available on youtube.

Trumpet Blues / I've Heard that Song Before / Cherry / Two O'Clock Jump / Sleepy Lagoon / Strictly Instrumental / James Session / I Had the Craziest Dream / Velvet Moon / The Man with a Horn / Music Makers
Strings Around the World
Peter Plum / Brussels World's Fair Orchestra
OSL 23
From ST 7042.

Charmaine / Around the World / Stella by Starlight / Our Waltz / Moulin Rouge / Greensleeves / Unchained Melody / Laura / California Melodies / Autumn in Rome
The Brussels World's Fair Salutes Duke Ellington
Francis Bay and his Big Band
OSL 24
From ST 7043.
Available on youtube.

Take the 'A' Train / Don't Get Around Much Any More / Solitude / Mainsteam / Things Ain't What They Used to Be / Perdido / Do Nothing Till You Hear from Me / Sophisticated Lady / Jack the Bear / Passion Flower
Sentimental Swingers / A Study in Brown
Francis Bay and his Big Band
OSL 25
From ST 7044.
Available on youtube.

Sentimental Journey / Baby, Don't Cha Go Away Mad / Stompin' at the Savoy / Twilight Time / Lover's Leap / I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm / Coffee Time / Blue Moon / Bizet Has His Day / Leap Frog

Swingin' High with the Bay Big Band / Rock-a-Bye Basie
Francis Bay and his Big Band
OSL 26
This Bay title was given a third entirely different cover design. After new management took over, they borrowed the cover art from OSL 50 and superimposed "A Salute to Count Basie" along the bottom.
From ST 7045.

April in Paris / Rusty Dusty Blues / One O'Clock Jump / Jive at Five / Lester Leaps In / The Mad Boogie / Fiesta in Blue / Taps Miller / Rock-a-Bye Basie / Oh Lady Be Good
Big Sounds by the Bay Big Band / Kentonality
Francis Bay and his Big Band
OSL 27
From ST 7046.
Available on youtube.

Artistry Jumps / How High the Moon / Southern Scandal / Unison Riff / Eager Beaver / Lover / Machito / Collaboration / Intermission Riff / The Peanut Vendor
Voices from the Vienna Woods
Boys Choir of Vienna / Etti / Vienna State Opera Orchestra
OSL 28
Licensed from Symphony Tone, Vienna.
From ST 7061.
Available on Apple Music.

German Dances / Komm Lieber Mai / Es Klappert die Muhle / Sanger's Lust Polka / Treasure Waltz / Holy Night / Ueb Immer Treu und Redlichkeit / Ach, du Lieber Augustin / Gott Ist Mein Lied / Holy / The Trout / Die Zufriedenheit / God Will Favor / Farewell / Sleep, Dear Sweet Boy

The Big Names on this record ooze out in the corniest style you could ask for—Austrian corn, of course—and there isn’t as much as a trace of long hair and high brow to be heard. Jus’ lovely, and beautiful in stereo too. Try it on your own tear glands. —Audio
Latin Rock
Los Gatos Ritmos
OSL 29
Announced and previewed on OSD 2, "Latin Rock" has all but disappeared--if it was ever released at all. Perhaps that was because Omega looked to add bongo stylist Chaino to the mix. The tracks from OSL 29 were given to Chaino and his producer Kirby Allen and they overdubbed drum stylings onto the originals. The resulting mixture was "Temptation", released on stereo tape only (the lp was ready to go, but at that point Omega was ready to go under). The doctored version credited not "Los Gatos Ritmos" but "members of the Francis Bay Orchestra". According to the box for the quarter-track release, the Bay performers involved were: Benny Couroyer (sax) / Christian Kellens (trombone) / Johnny Renard (vibes/trumpet) / Pres Creado (flute) / Guy Dossche (drums) / Clem de Mayer (bass) / Armand Van de Walle (bongos) / Herve Capelle (timbales).

Quiet Village / Mambo Italiano / An Occasional Man / Eso Es el Amor / Mambo Inn / Temptation / Lisbon Antigua / The Bad and the Beautiful / Return to Paradise / Cool Mambo / Cuban Caper / Caravan
Under Skies of Paris
Roger Lecussant and his Club Lido Orchestra
OSL 30
Licensed from Club Francais du Disque.
From ST 7028.

Under Paris Skies / Coin de la Rue / April in Paris / Ame des Poetes / Ciel de Paris / La Mer / Rien Qu'une Chanson / I Love Paris / Mon Homme / Ce Jour la a Paris
Sister Rosetta Tharpe
Sister Rosetta Tharpe
OSL 31
From ST 7089.
Available on Apple Music.

Nothing Between / Lily of the Valley / Seeking for Me / Shine for Jesus / Never Alone / I Do, Don't You / God, Lead Us Along / Family Prayer / What Are They Doin' in Heaven? / I Saw the Light / Blow You, the Trumpet of Zion / Oh, the Joy That Came to Me
Music of Ravel
Ataulfo Argenta / Cento Soli Orchestra of Paris
OML 1032
Mono recordings with no stereo OSL counterpart. Licensed from Club Francais du Disque.
Reissued by ReDiscovery.

Ravel: Rapsodie Espagnole / Alborada del Gracioso / Pavane for a Dead Princess / Ma Mere l'Oye Suite
Music of Ohana
Ataulfo Argenta / Cento Soli Orchestra of Paris
OML 1033
Mono recordings with no stereo OSL counterpart. Licensed from Club Francais du Disque.
Reissued on CD by Musidisc.

Lament for the Death of a Bullfighter / Sarabande

The entire disc is well engineered—save an abrupt cut-off at the end of the Sarabande. It all adds up to a program of refreshing originality. —HiFi/Stereo Review
This work would make an excellent movie score, but heard by itself it thins out in interest well before it is over….Performances and recordings are extremely good. —High Fidelity
Hawaiian Enchantment for Dancing
George Poole and his Orchestra
OSL 34
From ST 7057.

Beyond the Reef / Sweet Leilani / Pagan Love Song / Wedding Song / Hilo March / Song of the Islands / Moon of Manakoora / Bali Ha'i / Blue Moon / Enchanted Isle
Anton Karas / Two Rudis / Hans Hagen / Vienna Amusement Orchestra
OSL 36
Though labeled as stereophonic, several selections (the ones with orchestral accompaniment) are in rechanneled mono. Despite what it says on the cover, I'm pretty sure the Two Rudis are playing accordions, not harmonicas. Licensed from Symphony Tone, Vienna.
From ST 7067.

Lili Marlene / Johann Strauss Medley / Cuckoo Waltz / Franz Lehar Medley / Sunday Morning / I Kiss Your Hand, Madame / Oscar Strauss - Robert Stolz - Von Suppe Medley / Just a Gigolo / Emmerich Kalman Medley / White Lilacs
Pink Champagne for Dancing
Lloyd Mumm and his Starlight Roof Orchestra
OSL 37
From ST 7049.
Available on Apple Music.

Pink Cocktail for a Blue Lady / Tea for Two / Beer Barrel Polka / Full Moon and Empty Arms / Elmer's Tune / Missouri Waltz / The Happy Whistler / Smoke Gets in Your Eyes / Pizzicato Polka / I'm Always Chasing Rainbows / C'est Si Bon / Champagne Waltz
Strauss Waltzes and Polkas
Karl Etti / Boys Choir of Vienna / Vienna State Opera Orchestra
OSL 38
Licensed from Symphony Tone.
From ST 7069.
Available on Apple Music.

Swallows from Austria / Zapperl Polka / Emperor Waltz / Vienna, City of My Dreams / 1001 Nights Waltz / Viennese Children / My Austria
Bach: Brandenburg Concertos
Hermann Scherchen / Members of the Cento Soli Orchestra of Paris
OML 1039/40/41
Club Francais recordings and part of one of the best sets of Brandenburgs ever recorded. Claims by Kurtz Myers (Index to Record Reviews, 1978)  of a stereo issue are erroneous.
From OT 8006 et al.
Reissued by ReDiscovery.

The outstanding characteristic of Scherchen's readings is their persuasive conviction, not so much of "tightness" perhaps, as of suitability to their prime purpose of revealing unsuspected insights into music which many of us have thought held no further surprises. Overall, this is one of those rarely electrifying performances which reshapes our whole musical thinking and reinvigorates the most jaded listening taste: a miracle all the more remarkable in that it is achieved here without recourse to such extramusical technological aids as stereo sound.... Whatever the final verdict may be, I for one cannot imagine a more exciting new approach to the Brandenburgs. --High Fidelity
The enigmatic Mr Scherchen is revealed here at his most enigmatic. Performances range from mediocre (in the 2nd concerto) to superb (in the 5th). —HiFi/Stereo Review
The results are erratic if, on the whole, very listenable. Scherchen is most likely to be noticeable in his often violently eccentric tempi and dynamics…But then, that’s Scherchen. All or nothing. —Audio
Piano Russe
Leah and Shirley Effenbach
OSL 42
Produced in association with Richard Simonton.

Rachmaninoff: Suite for Two Pianos #2 / Arensky: Suite for Two Pianos Op 15
Piano Bravo
Leah and Shirley Effenbach
OSL 43
As with many Omega titles, the packaging and cover art was downgraded when new owners took over from David Hubert.
Produced in association with Richard Simonton.
From ST 7052.

Milhaud: Scaramouche / Debussy: Fetes / Infante: Andalucian Dances / Benjamin: Jamaican Rhumba
Latin Heat
Francis Bay and his Big Band
OSL 44
Several excerpts from this release are played in a 1961 episode of Ozzie and Harriet: "The Dancing Lesson". Ozzie and Joe Randolph play selections to help them learn Latin dance steps. A mono Omega LP label is also displayed briefly. The cover design bears a striking similarity to an old Broadway LP.
From ST 7053.

Cha-Chas: Sweet Sue / Night and Day / I Found a Million Dollar Baby / Atchison, Topeka, and the Santa Fe / Will You Still Be Mine? / On the Trail / Smoke Gets in Your Eyes / Around the World / It Ain't Necessarily So / Chatanooga Choo Choo / All I Do Is Dream of You / you Came a Long way from St Louis
Franck: Organ Music
Pierre Cochereau
OSL 45
Produced in cooperation with Richard Simonton.
From ST 3019.
Reissued on CD by Saga.

Fantasie in A / Cantabile in B / Piece Heroique in b / L'Organiste (8)

This is a disc of such excellence that I am awaiting its sequel impatiently. —High Fidelity
Blue Champagne
Lloyd Mumm and his Starlight Roof Orchestra
OSL 46
Advertised in 1959 as the third in the 'Lloyd Mumm' series. The ad specified 'Limit: one per customer!' We've never seen a copy. Partial contents as listed in the ad:

Shadow Waltz / Put Your Little Foot / Hot Lips / Blue Champagne / Little Sir Echo / etc
Jazz at Monterey
Virgil Gonsalves Big Band Plus Six
OSL 47
Performers include Mike Downs, Don Patiris, Merrill Hoover, Eddie Kahn, Al Randall.
Reissued on CD by VSOP. Available on Apple Music.

Stablemates / A Sunday Kind of Love / Moment's Notice / Steresis / Little Bird / Little Mollone / Sharon / Oasis / Lover Man

One side of this disc is played by a capable 13-piece band notable for its polished saxophone ensembles…But on the other side Gonsalves’ Sextet is extremely drab and wooden. —High Fidelity
Dixieland Mambo
Phil Gomez / The Jazzbos
OSL 48
Dixieland Mambo / Green Eyes / Ja Da / La Cucaracha / Dixieland Cha Cha / Quiet Village / When the War Breaks Out in Mexico / Brazil / South / Mucho Mambo / New Orleans Mambo / When the Saints Go Marching In
Mainstream Jazz Piano
John Evans / Reinhold Svensson
OSL 49
Jean ("John") Evans played piano in the Francis Bay Band. His side (all from "Porgy and Bess") was intended to be OSL 36, but instead a second pianist was added (via Phonotapes, Omega's Swedish distributor) and the combination became OSL 49.

Evans: It Ain't Necessarily So / Summertime / I Love You Porgy / A Woman Is a Sometime Thing / There's a Boat Dat's Leaving For New York / My Man's Gone Now / Bess You Is My Woman Now / I Got Plenty o' Nothin'
Svensson: What Is This Thing Called Love? / Long Ago and Far Away / Too Late Now / All of Me / Love Walked In / Love Me or Leave Me / I'll Remember April / Tenderly
Swingin' Night People
Francis Bay and his Big Band
OSL 50
From ST 7106.

You Hit the Spot / When Your Lover Has Gone / For You / The Night We Called It a Day / Button Up Your Overcoat / If I Love Again / I Only Have Eyes for You / The Song Is You / As Time Goes By / Bye Bye Blackbird / That Old Feeling
Jazz at the Olympics
Ralph Sutton Quartet
OSL 51
Performers include Ernie Figueroa, Vernon Alley, Joe Dodge. Omega gave free copies to all 1960 Winter Olympic contenders. Sutton and his Quartet were then appearing at the Squaw Valley Lodge, official center for the games.
Available on youtube.

Winter Wonderland / Button Up Your Overcoat / I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm / I'll Follow You / Hot Buttered Rum / Let It Snow / I'm Shooting High / Winter Weather / I've Got a Feeling I'm Falling / Squaw Valley Blues
Fast But Soft
Buck Clayton's Six
OML 1052
Only the first five tracks include Bud Clayton. The remainder are from a different session featuring Peanuts Holland. Since both were licensed from the Club Francais du Disque, the other performers in each case were French jazz musicians.
From OT 1003.
Reissued on CD by Gitanes. Available on Apple Music.

Buck's Bon Voyage / Fast but Soft / Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone / Easy to Riff / I Found a New Baby / Flying Home / That's My Desire / 'S Wonderful / Blue Feeling
Dixieland a la Carte
OSL 52
Performers: Jo Jones, Buck Clayton, Vic Dickenson, Pee Wee Russell, Lou Carter, Bud Freeman.

By the numbers, this should be a stereo version of OML 1052 above, but the contents are completely different. The music here can be traced back to an early Coronet/Parade LP, and that suggests that OSL 52 was issued after new management, who favored recycled tracks from bargain-basement labels, took over. See also OSL 63.

Strike Up the Band / Embraceable You / Somebody Loves Me / Someone to Watch Over Me / Fascinatin' Rhythm / Bugle Call Rag / St James Infirmary / Muskrat Ramble / Ballin' the Jack
New Orleans Dixieland Spectacular
George Lewis
OML 1053
Additional performers: Avery "Kid" Howard, Jim Robinson, Alton Purnell, Lawrence Marrero, Alcide "Slow Drag" Pavageau, Joe Watkins, Monette Moore, P.T. "Pete Stanton, Dick Oxtot, Lelias Sharpton.
From: JT 4005.

Doctor Jazz / A Closer Walk with Thee / Smiles / Burgundy Street / Ice Cream / Should I? / When the Saints Go Marching In / Mecca Flat Blues / Panama / Till We Meet Again

Anyone interested in traditiional jazz, in studying the origins of jazz itself or in simply hearing the work of a fine primitive artist will find this LP wholly rewarding. —HiFi/Stereo Review
Lewis’ band is at the peak of its surging drive on a performance of ‘The Saints’ which is so good that one forgets how wearisome this warhorse has become. —High Fidelity
Strings Around the World Vol 2
London Pops Orhcestra
OSL 55
From ST 7080.

Ebb Tide / How Deep Is the Ocean? / Poinciana / Sleepy Lagoon / Off Shore / Harbor Lights / Tenderly / Paradise / The Lamp Is Low / None But the Lonely Heart / My Ideal / All Alone
The Monn Keys / Allyn Ferguson and his Orchestra
OSL 56
See also STF 4024.
Available on Apple Music.

Dreamsville / Bye Bye Blackbird / The Bad and the Beautiful / Like Young / Señor Blues / Misty / Too Close for Comfort / Soothe Me / The Song Is You / Day Dream
Big Band Blast
Francis Bay and his Big Band
OSL 58
From ST 7105.

Begin the Beguine / Rhapsody in Blue / Hawaiian War Chant / Eager Beaver / Take the 'A' Train / I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm / Lullaby of Birdland / Jersey Bounce / Sleepy Lagoon / One O'Clock Jump