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The Hi-Los in Stereo
The Hi-Los / Frank Comstock and his Orchestra
SST 800
Despite the title, a few of the tracks on Omegatape's first quarter-track stereo reel are actually monophonic. Licensed from Starlite Records.
From: ST 7006. LP: OSL 11.
Reissued on CD by drg. Available on Apple Music.

Surrey with the Fringe on Top / Too Young for the Blues / Shadow Waltz / You Took Advantage of Me / You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby / Chinatown My Chinatown / Long Ago and Far Away / Birth of the Blues / Summertime / Clap Yo Hands

This quartet is in a class by itself…This is, I think, a particularly nice group of selections, excellently done, by these talented fellows. Fidelity: super. —Tape Recording
The Ink Spots' Greatest Hits
The Ink Spots
SST 801
From: ST 7054. Reissue: STF 4013.

If I Didn't Care / We Three / You Always Hurt the One You Love / You Tell Me Your Dream / It's a Sin to Tell a Lie / Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall / Maybe / I Love You Truly / Shine on Harvest Moon / When You Were Sweet Sixteen
Music from Peter Gunn
Ted Nash and his Orchestra
SST 802
From: ST 7048. Reissue: STF 4011.
Unauthorized reissue on CD by Fresh Sounds. Available on Apple Music.

Peter Gunn / Sorta Blue / Session at Pete's Pad / Dreamsville / Soft Sounds / Fallout! / The Floater / The Brothers Go to Mother's / A Profound Gass / Brief and Breezy
Flower Drum Song
Hollywood Radio City Orchestra and Singers
SST 803
Performers: Lynn Shizeko, Taruko Taketa, Jodie Elaine Moore, Gwen Richards, Anabell Lake, Jeffrey Lane, Don Vesta.

The many "Hollywood Radio City" releases bear scrutiny. Most are attributed to "Thomas M Davis", actually Maxwell Davis, A&R chief for Crown Records. It is believed that in some cases the tracks were recorded in Germany without the vocalists, who overdubbed their parts in the US (hence the credit on some albums to Hans Hagen). But that does not seem to be true in all cases--rejected takes from Pal Joey singer Duke Hazlett tell a different story. This series was produced  by budgeteer Crown records.
From: ST 2022. Reissue: STF 4016.

Overture / You Are Beautiful / A Hundred Million Miracles / I Enjoy Being a Girl / Like a God / Chop Suey / Don't Marry / Grant Avenue / Love Look Away / The Other Generation / Finale
Johnny Mercer in Stereo
Johnny Mercer / Paul Smith Trio
SST 804
Licensed from Jupiter records.
From: ST 7019.

Blues in the Night / Love Is Just Around the Corner / Old '97 / Spring Spring / Them There Eyes / Moonlight on the Campus / Somebody Bad Stole the Wedding Bell / St Louis Blues / Accentuate the Positive / Laura / How Little We Know / Hear Them Bells
My Fair Lady
Hollywood Radio City Orchestra and Singers
SST 805
Performers: Lloyd Hanna, Irene Cummings.
From: ST 2025. Reissue: STF 4010.

.Overture / Wouldn't It Be Loverly? / The Rain in Spain / Get Me to the Church on Time / I Could Have Danced All Night / Ascot Gavotte / On the Street Where You Live / I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face
Strauss Waltzes and Polkas
Boys Choir of Vienna / Vienna State Opera Orchestra
SST 806
Licensed from Symphony Tone, Vienna.
From: ST 7069. Reissue: STF 4019. LP: OSL 38.
Available on Apple Music.

Swallows from Austria / Zapperl Polka / Emperor Waltz / Vienna, City of My Dreams / 1001 Nights Waltz / Viennese Children / My Austria
Flamenco by Laurindo Almeida
Jose Barroso
SST 807
From: ST 7056.
Available on Apple Music.

Farruca / El Vito / Soleares / Fandanguillos / Tanquillo / Malaguena / Cuadros en Aragon / Soleras Op 10 / Serenata Espanola / Tango Espanol 
Sound on Parade
Gustav Gaigg / Vienna Army Battalion Band
SST 808
From: ST 7070.

Deutschmeister March / Radetsky March / Schoenfeld March / Sieferditz March / Andreas Hofer March / Kaiserjaeger March / The Bosniaks Come / Aviators March / Old Comrades / 84th Regiment March / O You My Austria
Anton Karas / Hans Hagen / Vienna Amusement Orchestra
SST 809
With The Two Rudis. Though labeled as stereophonic, several selections are in rechanneled mono. Licensed from Symphony Tone, Vienna.
From: ST 7067. LP: OSL 36.

Lili Marlene / Johann Strauss Medley / Cuckoo Waltz / Franz Lehar Medley / Sunday Morning / I Kiss Your Hand, Madame / Oscar Strauss - Robert Stolz - Von Suppe Medley / Just a Gigolo / Emmerich Kalman Medley / White Lilacs

It is a special pleasure to hear Karas again, with still more of his instrument’s glitter and vibrant twang now captured in brilliant stereo recording. —High Fidelity
Hawaiian Enchantment for Dancing
George Poole and his Orchestra
SST 810
From: ST 7057. LP: OSL 34.

Beyond the Reef / Sweet Leilani / Pagan Love Song / Wedding Song / Hilo March / Song of the Islands / Moon of Manakoora / Bali Ha'i / Blue Moon / Enchanted Isle
Smash Flops
The Characters
SST 811
From: ST 2028.

Congratulations,  Tom Dewey / I Wish I Was in Chicago (on St Valentine's Day) / We're Depending on You, General Custer / When the Hindenburg Lands Today / Confederate Victory Song / 48 States in the USA / When Amelia Earhart Flies Home / Little Rock--That All-American Town / Good Job, Well Done, Neville Chamberlain / Sleepy Cape Canaveral Moon / Columbus--You Big Bag of Steam / Bon Voyage, Titanic
Christmas in Stereo
Boys Choir of Vienna / Vienna State Opera Orchestra
SST 812
Licensed from Symphony Tone, Vienna.
From: ST 2028. Reissue: STF 4055.
Reissued as a download by ReDiscovery.

Oh Tannenbaum / The First Noel / Children's Christmas Song / The Bird on the Christmas Tree / En Clara Vox / Merry Christmas Time / Irish Carol / The Carriage Horseman / Adeste Fidelis / Silent Night
Salute to Benny Goodman
Members of the Benny Goodman Orchestra
SST 813
Conductor: Maxwell Davis.
From: ST 7068. Reissue: STF 4045.
Available on youtube.

Let's Dance / Sing! Sing! Sing! / King Porter Stomp / Bugle Call Rag / Don't Be That Way / Christopher Columbus / Down Hill Special / Frankie and johnny / Sugar Foot Stomp / And the Angels Sing / The Saints Go Marchin' In
Symphony of the Golden West
Malcolm Lockyear / Brussels World's Fair Orchestra
SST 814
From: ST 2037.
Available on Apple Music.

Billy Boy / The Streets of Laredo / Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie / I've Got No Use for Women / Jesse James / Songs of the Golden West / Red River Valley / The Old Chisholm Trail / Whoopie Ti-Yi-Yo / The Colorado Trail / The Cowboy / Home on the Range
Tribute to Woody Herman
Members of the Woody Herman Orchestra
SST 815
Conductor: Maxwell Davis.
From: ST 7077. Reissue: STF 4042.
Available on Apple Music.

Woodchoppers Ball / Northwest Passage / Apple Honey / Goosey Gander / Four Brothers / Blue Fame / Wild Root / Blowin' Up a Storm 
Shep Fields and his Rippling Rhythm
Shep Fields and his Orchestra
DSST 816
Licensed from Golden Crest records.
From: ST 7034. Reissue: STF 4005.

Swinging Down the Lane / Me and My Shadow / Tip Toe Through the Tulips / When I Take My Sugar to Tea / We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye / For Me and My Gal / Harbor Lights / Avalon / Give Me a Little Kiss / There Must Be a Way / Let's Put Out the Lights and Go to Sleep / Singing in the Rain
Tribute to Charlie Barnet
Members of the Charlie Barnet Orchestra
SST 817
Conductor: Maxwell Davis.
From: ST 7073. Reissue: STF 4044.
Available on Apple Music.

Cherokee / Pompton Turnpike / Claude Reigns / Charleston Alley / Redskin Rhumba / Skyliner / Charley's Other Aunt / Lonely Street / Really / East Side, West Side
Pink Champagne for Dancing
Lloyd Mumm and his Starlight Roof Orchestra
SST 818
The notes on the box mention the elusive Blue Champagne, an advertised third release by "Lloyd Mumm" that we have never come across, either on reel or LP. They also credit the accordion playing to Freddy Saunder, an alias used by Fritz Sundermann, Belgian guitarist who played with the Francis Bay Orchestra.
From: ST 7049. Reissue: STF 4002. LP: OSL 37.
Available on Apple Music.

Pink Cocktail for a Blue Lady / Tea for Two / Beer Barrel Polka / Full Moon and Empty Arms / Elmer's Tune / Missouri Waltz / The Happy Whistler / Smoke Gets in Your Eyes / Pizzicato Polka / I'm Always Chasing Rainbows / C'est Si Bon / Champagne Waltz
The Sound of Music
Al Goodman Singers and his Orchestra
SST 819
Performers: Bill Heyer, Jane A Johnston.
From: ST 7079. Reissue: STF 4018.
Available on Apple Music.

Overture / The Sound of Music / Lonely Goat Herd  / My Favorite Things / Ordinary Couple / 16 Going on 17 / How Can Love Survive? / Climb Ev'ry Mountain / Maria / So Long, Farewell / Do-Re-Mi
Porgy and Bess
Hollywood Radio City Singers and Orchestra
SST 820
From: ST 7078. Reissue: STF 4017.
Available on Apple Music.

Overture and Summertime / I Got Plenty Of Nothin' / Bess You Is My Woman Now / It Ain't Necessarily So / A Woman Is A Sometime Thing / My Man's Gone Now / There's A Boat That's Leavin' For New York / Oh Lord, I'm On My Way and Finale
Latin Heat with a Latin Beat
Francis Bay and his Big Band
SST 821
Several excerpts from this release are played in a 1961 episode of Ozzie and Harriet: "The Dancing Lesson". Ozzie and Joe Randolph play selections to help them learn Latin dance steps. A mono Omega LP label is also displayed briefly.
From: ST 7053. Reissue: STF 4003.

Cha-Chas: Sweet Sue / Night and Day / I Found a Million Dollar Baby / Atchison, Topeka, and the Santa Fe / Will You Still Be Mine? / On the Trail / Smoke Gets in Your Eyes / Around the World / It Ain't Necessarily So / Chatanooga Choo Choo / All I Do Is Dream of You / you Came a Long way from St Louis
Voices from the Vienna Woods
Karl Etti / Boys Choir of Vienna
SST 822
Licensed from Symphony Tone, Vienna.
From: ST 7061. Reissue: STF 4019. LP: OSL 28.
Available on Apple Music.

German Dances / Komm Lieber Mai / Es Klappert die Muhle / Sanger's Lust Polka / Treasure Waltz / Holy Night / Ueb Immer Treu und Redlichkeit / Ach, du Lieber Augustin / Gott Ist Mein Lied / Holy / The Trout / Die Zufriedenheit / God Will Favor / Farewell / Sleep, Dear Sweet Boy
On Stage
Charlie Barnet and his Orchestra
DSST 823
From: ST 7066. Reissue: STF 4044.
Available on Apple Music.

Cherokee - Caravan / Let the Good Times Roll / I've Got It Bad / Gone with the Wind / E-O-Eleven Blues / Skyliner / Rocking in Rhythm / One for My Baby / The Lady Is a Tramp / Maghunters' Ball - Closing Theme
Heartaches in Hifi
Ted Weems and his Orchestra
DSST 824
Licensed from Wynn records.
From: ST 7083. Reissue: STF 4023.

Heartaches / To Each His Own / Somebody Else Is Taking My Place / These Foolish Things / Music Maestro Please / I've Told Every Little Star / Mickey / I Understand / Say It Isn't So / Love of Mine (Bon Voyage) / On the Alamo / That's Where I Came In
The Music Man
Hans Hagen / Hollywood Radio City Orchestra and Singers
SST 825
Performers: Ken Harp, Donna Cook, Connie Conway, Don Grilley, The Cornhuskers, Patti Steele.
From: ST 3033. Reissue: STF 4018.
Available on Apple Music.

Overture / Rock Island / Ya Got Trouble / Goodnight My Someone / 76 Trombones / Pick-a-Little Talk-a-Little - Goodnight Ladies / Marian the Librarian / Wells Fargo Wagon / Shipoopi / Lida Rose - Will I Ever Tell You? / Gary Indiana / Till There Was You
Champagne Music for Dancing
Lloyd Mumm and his Starlight Roof Orchestra
SST 826
From: ST 2026. Reissue: STF 4002.
Available on Apple Music.

Bubbles in the Wine / The Girl Friend / Josephine / Hey, Mr Banjo / In a Little Spanish Town / Clarinet Polka / Tonight We Love / Louise / The Poor People of Paris / Lichtensteiner Polka / Till the End of Time
Around the World in 80 Days
Hans Hagen / The Omega Orchestra
SST 827
Around the same time as Omega's release, the budget label Crown issued its own Around the World. Trade ads stated it was conducted by Hans Hagen, but the actual LPs and tapes did not say. As might be expected, the two recordings are one and the same, one of many examples of content sharing between the two west coast companies.
From: ST 3012. Reissue: STF 4004.

Around the World part one / Passepartout / Paris Arrival / Sky Symphony / Invitation to a Bull Fight - Entrance of the Bull March / India / Around the World part two / The Pagoda of Pillago - The Temple of Dawn / Around the World / Prarie Sail Car / Land Ho! / Epilogue
Backgrounds for Brando
Elmer Bernstein and his Orchestra
SST 828
Licensed from Dot records.
From: ST 3020. Reissue: STF 4004.
Available on youtube.

Waxman: Sayonara /Bernstein: On the Waterfront / North: Viva Zapata / Tiomkin: The Men / Loesser: Guys and Dolls  / North: A Streetcar Named Desire / Chaplin: Teahouse of the August Moon / Newman: Desiree / Rózsa: Julius Caesar / Stevens: The Wild One
Dine and Dance at the Beverly Hilton
George Liberace and his Orchestra
DSST 829
From: ST 7074. Reissue: STF 4060.
Available on Apple Music.

Opening Intro and Thanks - You're My Friend Ain't Cha -  The Night They Invented Champagne / The Peanut Vendor / Nevertheless - Silver Threads Among the Gold / When the Saints Go Marching In / Blue Danube Waltz - True Love - Chopin Waltz / They Can't Take That Away From Me - Did You Ever See A Dream Walking? / George Liberace Mambo / My Heart Will Always Cry - Stardust & Starlight - Thanks
Kapu (Forbidden Music)
Milt Raskin
DSST 830
From: ST 7065.
Available on Apple Music.

Koko Head (Pele's Creation) / Lanikai (Heavenly Sea) / Maika (Blue Green Eyes) / Telani (Evening Star) / Leahi (Diamond Head) / Moon Festival (Chinese Holiday) / Kapu (Forbidden) / Lehua (Blood Red Blossom) / Iolana (Bird of Heaven) / Mileka (Orange Gold)
A Toast to Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey
 Members of the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra
SST 831
Maxwell Davis conductor, with the Al Cava Singers.
From: ST 7027. Reissue: STF 4006.
Available on Apple Music.

On the Sunny Side of the Street / Swanee River / Tangerine / Song of India / Marie / So Rare / Maria Elena / Swing Low, Sweet Chariot / Boogie Woogie / Green Eyes / Lonesome Road
The Glenn Miller Sound
 Members of the Glenn Miller Orchestra
SST 832
Conducted by Maxwell Davis.
From: ST 7026. Reissue: STF 4001.
Available on Apple Music.

Anvil Chorus / Danny Boy / Under the Double Eagle / Song of the Volga Boatmen / Sunrise Serenade / Moonlight Cocktail / Serenade in Blue / Chatanooga Choo Choo / Kalamazoo
Blue Hawaii
The Polynesians
SST 834
From: ST 7072.
Available on Apple Music.

Ke Kali Nei Iau / Blue Hawaii / Isle of Golden Dreams / Mauna Wili Hula / Aua Chant / Sweet Leilani / Makala Pua / Maui and Maui Girl / Island Moon / Kou Kino Mambo
Shep Fields at the Shamrock Hilton
Shep Fields and his Orchestra
DSST 835
Licensed from Golden Crest records.
From: ST 7082. Reissue: STF 4005.
Available on Apple Music.

Don't Fence Me In / Linger Awhile / I Used to Love You / Please Think of Me / A Fine Romance / On the Isle of Capri / 12th Street Rag / On the Beach of Bali Bali / This Love of Mine / That Old Feeling / It's De-Lovely / Louise
Flying Home: The Hits of Lionel Hampton
Maxwell Davis / Members of the Lionel Hampton Orchestra
SST 836
From: ST 7084. Reissue: STF 4041.
Available on Apple Music.

Flying Home / Air Mail Special / Midnight Sun / Hamp's Boogie / Cool Train
More Peter Gunn
Pete Candoli TV All Stars
SST 837
From: ST 7084. Reissue: STF 4011.
Reissued on CD by Fresh Sounds.

Little Man / Joanna / Lightly / Blues for Mother / Quiet Gass / Goofin' at the Coffee House / Blue Steel / Spook! / Timothy / Walking Bass / Odd Ball / My Manne Shelly
Stanley Wilson and His Orchestra
SST 838
Original soundtrack from "The Mating Urge".
From: ST 7086. Reissue: STF 4021.
Available on youtube.

The Sing-Sing / Music for a Bath / The South Seas Can-Can / Zulu Love Magic / The Land Divers / Bali #1 - The Proposal / Bali #2 - Nogorood (Abduction of the Bride) / Kandy Wedding / Pinchak Knife Fight / Ritual of the Fertility Tree / Grass Skirt Proposal / Turkana Love Dance
Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue, An American in Paris
London Pops Orchestra
SST 839
From: ST 7087.
Look at Me Now
Dick Haymes / Maury Laws and his Orchestra
DSST 840
From: ST 7088.
Available on Apple Music.

The Long Hot Summer / So Far / You Stepped Out of a Dream / This Time the Dream's on Me / My Heart Stood Still / A Sinner Kissed an Angel / Cheek to Cheek / You're My Girl / A Very Precious Love / On a Slow Boat to China / Oh Look at Me Now / The Riviera
Spirituals in Rhythm
Sister Rosetta Tharpe
DSST 841
From: ST 7089. LP: OSL 31.

Nothing Between / Lily of the Valley / Seeking for Me / Shine for Jesus / Never Alone / I Do / Don't You, God, Lead Us Along / Family Prayer / What Are They Doing in Heaven? / I Saw the Light / Blow You, the Trumpet of Zion / Oh, the Joy That Came to Me
Tangos of the Argentine
Raphael Valdez and his Orchestra
SST 842
From: ST 7090.

La Cumparsita / El Choclo / Adios Muchachos / Ty / La Paloma / Irresistable / Estrellita / Tango Espanol / Che Que Tal / Valentino Tango
The Happy Harmonica
Danny Welton
SST 843
From: ST 7091.
Available on Apple Music.

Samson and Delilah / No Other Love / Smoke Gets in Your Eyes / Man on the Flying Trapeze / Love Walked In / Yama Yama Man / Humoresque / C'est Magnifique / I Talk to the Trees / La Cucaracha / To a Wild Rose / Isle of Capri
Polka Time
Paul Paulaski and his Polka Dots
SST 844
Likely recordings by bandleader Larry Chesky.
From: ST 7092.
Available on Apple Music.

Nancy / Under the Double Eagle / Candlelight / Twilight Aberek / Darling Lady / Gay Drifter / Fiesta / Conchita / Zulin Aberek / Colonel Bogey / Rosita Rheinlander / Mexican Hat Dance
Grofe: Grand Canyon Suite
London Pops Orchestra
SST 845
The "London Pops" (Omega's all-purpose pseudonymn) in this case was actually the Hamburg Philharmonia Orchestra conducted by Hans Jurgens-Walther. The same recording turned up on Design, Crown, and several other labels, with varying attributions.
From: ST 7093. LP: OSL 73.
Available on Amazon Music.
Music from 'The Five Pennies'
Bob Freedman and his Orchestra
SST 846
From: ST 7094.

Jada / Five Pennies / Lullaby in Ragtime / Back Home in Indiana / The Saints Go Marching In / After You've Gone / Follow the Leader / The Music Goes Round and Round
Music of Leroy Anderson
London Pops Orchestra
SST 847
Once again the "London Pops" was actually the Hamburg Philharmonia Orchestra conducted by Hans Jurgens-Walther. The same recording turned up on Design (by "Warren Edward Vincent") and numerous other labels. The cover design seems to have been lifted from an old LP on Hollywood Records, the company behind the short-lived Hallmark record label.
From: ST 7095.

Belle of the Ball / Fiddle Faddle / Penny Whistle Song / Syncopated Clock / First Day of Spring / Forgotten Dreams / Blue Tango / Sleigh Ride / Serenata / Song of the Bells 
Golden Hymns
Jimmy Graham / Abbey Choir
SST 848
From: ST 7096. Reissue: STF 4050.

Going Home / God Be With You / Take Time to Be Holy / Sweet Peace / Beautiful Heart of Someone / I Need Thee Every Hour / Now the Day Is Over / Whispering Hope / Nearer My God / His Eye Is On the Sparrow / Jesus Savior Pilot Me / What a Friend We Have in Jesus
Art Mooney and his Orchestra
DSST 849
From: ST 7097.

Harvest Moon / Midnight Breeze / Hands Across the Table / Bwana / I Let a Song / Caravan / Who's Sorry Now? / Glow Worm / Jamaican Rhumba / Chapencas / Old Apple Tree / Chi Chi
How to Use Your Tape Recorder
Dr Millard McClintock
SST 850
From: ST 7100.

Introduction / Frequency Response / Cycle Tones / Choice of Tape Speeds / Signal Strength / Microphone Placement / Recording and Editing
Porgy and Bess
Monty Kelly and his Orchestra
DSST 851
Licensed from Carlton records.
From: ST 7101.

Summertime / A Woman Is a Sometime Thing / My Man's Gone Now / I Got Plenty of Nothin' / Bess You Is My Woman Now / Can't Sit Down / It Ain't Necessarily So / I Want to Stay / There's a Boat Dat's Leaving Soon For New York / Where's My Bess? / I'm on My Way
Anita Bryant
Anita Bryant / Monty Kelly and his Orchestra
DSST 852
Licensed from Carlton records.
From: ST 7102.

Till There Was You / Just in Time / Hello Young Lovers / Mr Wonderful / Small World / Love Look Away / Promise Me a Rose / Blessings of Love / Wouldn't It Be Loverly? / Anyone Would Love You / Do-Re-Mi / The Party's Over
Vincent Lopez and his Orchestra
DSST 853
Licensed from Carlton records.
From: ST 7103.

Nola / Rosalia / Body and Soul / Yours Is My Heart Alone / The Chauffeur and the Debutante / Your Kiss / Kitten on the Keys / Afternoon of a Faun / Doll Dance / Extrellita / Hi Fi Hop / Cheek to Cheek
Yesterday's Hits, Today's Classics, Tomorrow's Hi-Fi
George Liberace and his Orchestra
DSST 854
Licensed from Carlton records.
From: ST 7104. Reissue: STF 4060.

Hora Staccato / Roses of Picardy / Wunderbar / My Hero / Blue Danube / Will You Remember / When the Lilacs Bloom Again / Silver Threads Among the Gold / Italian Street Song / I'll Follow My Secret Heart / Serenade / Indian Love Call
Big Band Blast
Francis Bay and his Big Band
SST 855
Omega's Francis Bay series (recorded at the Brussels World's Fair) was the label's most ambitious original recording project. Omega went to Belgium to produce these spectacularly lifelike tapes.
From: ST 7105. Reissue: STF 4048. LP: OSL 58.

Begin the Beguine / Rhapsody in Blue / Hawaiian War Chant / Eager Beaver / Take the 'A' Train / I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm / Lullaby of Birdland / Jersey Bounce / Sleepy Lagoon / One O'Clock Jump
Swingin' Night People
Francis Bay and his Big Band
SST 856
From: ST 7106. Reissue: STF 4048. LP: OSL 50.

You Hit the Spot / When Your Lover Has Gone / For You / The Night We Called It a Day / Button Up Your Overcoat / If I Love Again / I Only Have Eyes for You / The Song Is You / As Time Goes By / Bye Bye Blackbird / That Old Feeling
Chaino / Members of the Francis Bay Orchestra
SST 857
This album has a strange history. An early LP release on Omega was announced as "Latin Rock" performed by "Los Gatos Ritmos". It never appeared on tape, and though a track showed up on a demonstration LP, it may never have appeared on vinyl either. A year or two later, looking for some more Chaino action, Omega sent Kirby Allen the "Latin Rock" tapes and had Chaino overdub his bongo stylings. The result was "Temptation"; it appeared on reel tape but the vinyl edition was stillborn because Omega was going out of business in its then-present form. According to the box the Bay performers involved were: Benny Couroyer (sax) / Christian Kellens (trombone) / Johnny Renard (vibes/trumpet) / Pres Creado (flute) / Guy Dossche (drums) / Clem de Mayer (bass) / Armand Van de Walle (bongos) / Herve Capelle (timbales).
From: ST 7107. Reissue: STF 4021.
Available on youtube.

Quiet Village / Mambo Italiano / An Occasional Man / Eso Es el Amor / Mambo Inn / Temptation / Lisbon Antigua / The Bad  and the Beautiful / Return to Paradise / Cool Mambo / Cuban Caper / Caravan
Soft Lights, Soft Sounds
Warren Baker
SST 858
From: ST 7108.

Soft Lights / September Song / I'd Like to Love / Your Magic Spell Is Everywhere / World Events / Soft Sounds / Once in a While / Wonderful Gal / What Is This Thing Called Love? / Huneysuckle Rose
Songs and Marches of the French Paratroopers
Band of the French Paratroopers
SST 859
From: ST 7109.
Available on youtube.

Dans les Combats / Sur la Route / Les Commandos / Oh la Fille / La Marche des Commandos de France / Tous des Lions / Aupres de ma Blonde / Marche Lorraine / La Marseillaise / Coloney Bogey March
Opus Number One
Francis Bay and his Big Band
SST 860
From: ST 7035. Reissue: STF 4006. LP: OSL 16.

Opus One / Daybreak / Love for Sale / This Love of Mine / Hawaiian War Chant / Not So Quiet Please / There Are Such Things / Well Git It / I'll Never Smile Again / Yes Indeed
In the Mood
Francis Bay and his Big Band
SST 861
From: ST 7037. Reissue: STF 4001. LP: OSL 18.
Available on youtube.

St Louis Blues March / At Last / Sleepy Town Train / Yesterday's Gardenias / In the Mood / American Patrol / I Know Why / Tuxedo Junction / Rhapsody in Blue / Adios
Benny Rides Again
Francis Bay and his Big Band
SST 862
From: ST 7038. Reissue: STF 4045.  LP: OSL 19.

Let's Dance / Jersey Bounce / Wang Wang Blues / I Found a New Baby / Benny Rides Again / And the Angels Sing / Air Mail Special / Brussels Blues / Six Flats Unfurnished / Goodbye
James Session
Francis Bay and his Big Band
SST 863
From: ST 7041. Reissue: STF 4043. LP: OSL 22.
Available on youtube.

Trumpet Blues / I've Heard that Song Before / Cherry / Two O'Clock Jump / Sleepy Lagoon / Strictly Instrumental / James Session / I Had the Craziest Dream / Velvet Moon / The Man with a Horn / Music Makers
Francis Bay and his Big Band
SST 864
From: ST 7039. Reissue: STF 4003. LP: OSL 20.
Reissued on CD by VSOP. Available on Apple Music.

Mangos / Mambo Jambo / Patricia / Tequila / Rumbalero / Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White / Mambo No. 5 / Guaglione / April in Portugal / Topaz
Study in Brown
Francis Bay and his Big Band
SST 865
From: ST 7044. Reissue: STF 4043. LP: OSL 25.

Sentimental Journey / Baby, Don't Cha Go Away Mad / Stompin' at the Savoy / Twilight Time / Lover's Leap / I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm / Coffee Time / Blue Moon / Bizet Has His Day / Leap Frog / Study in Brown
Shaw 'Nuff
Francis Bay and his Big Band
SST 866
From: ST 7040. Reissue: STF 4042. LP: OSL 21.
Available on youtube.

Begin the Beguine / Dancing in the Dark / Cross Your Heart / When the Quail Come Back to San Quentin / Temptation / 's Wonderful / Stardust / Frenesi / Summit Ridge Drive / Moonglow / Nightmare
Salute to Duke Ellington
Francis Bay and his Big Band
SST 867
 From: ST 7043. Reissue: STF 4007, STF 4046. LP: OSL 24. Available on youtube.

Take the 'A' Train / Don't Get Around Much Any More / Solitude / Mainsteam / Things Ain't What They Used to Be / Perdido / Do Nothing Till You Hear from Me / Sophisticated Lady / Jack the Bear / Passion Flower
Francis Bay and his Big Band
SST 868
From: ST 7036. Reissue: STF 4040. LP: OSL 17.
Available on youtube.

King's Cross Climax / Lullaby of Birdland / Jungle Drums / Hot Toddy / I've Got the World on a String / Heathsville / Strike Up the Band / Blue Skies March / Madagascar / Dig Deep / The Hawk Talks / Listen to My Music
Francis Bay and his Big Band
SST 869
From: ST 7046. Reissue: STF 4040. LP: OSL 27.
Available on youtube.

Artistry Jumps / How High the Moon / Southern Scandal / Unison Riff / Eager Beaver / Lover / Machito / Collaboration / Intermission Riff / The Peanut Vendor
Rock-a-Bye Basie
Francis Bay and his Big Band
SST 870
From: ST 7045. Reissue: STF 4007, STF 4041. LP: OSL 26.
Available on youtube.

April in Paris / Rusty Dusty Blues / One O'Clock Jump / Jive at Five / Lester Leaps In / The Mad Boogie / Fiesta in Blue / Taps Miller / Rock-a-Bye Basie / Oh Lady Be Good
Victory at Sea
Al Goodman and his Orchestra
A recording from the high-quality Spin-O-Rama label. One of the first new releases by the New York-based management, the packaging was getting cheaper and more generic (no notes).

Song of the High Seas / Beneath the Southern Cross / Guadalcanal March / The Pacific Boils Over / Hard Work and Horseplay / Victory at Sea / Melodies of the Sea / The Life of a Sailor / Anchors Away
Music of George Gershwin
Al Goodman and his Orchestra
SSTB 873
Love Walked In / A Foggy Day / Nice Work if You Can Get It / Summertime / Bess You Is My Woman Now / They Can't Take That Away from Me / Our Love Is Here to Stay / American in Paris
Musician's Choice
Francis Bay and his Big Band
SSTB 876
Scrapple for the Apple / Swinging the Blues / Jumpin' with Symphony Sid / Groovin' on High / Line for Lyons / C Jam Blues / The Preacher / Crazy Chris / Whisper Not
Bloody Mary Sings the Blues
Juanita Hall
Licensed from Counterpoint records.
Available on Apple Music.

Hold That Train / Good Old Wagon / After You've Gone / Nobody Wants You When You're Down and Out / I Don't Want It Secondhand / A Good Man Is Hard to Find / Baby, Won't You Please Come Home? / Gulf Coast Blues / Second Fiddle / Downhearted Blues / Gimme a Pigfoot / Lovin' Sam from Alabam
Music of Victor Herbert
Bill Thomson
SSTB 878
Available onApple Music (with performer’s name and some track titles incorrect).

Kiss Me Again / Rose of the World / Toyland / Gypsy Love Song / Absinthe Frappe / Sidewalks of New York / Yesterthoughts / Eight Moonbeams / Pan Americana / March of the Toys / Indian Summer
National Anthems of the World
Hans Hagen / The Omega Orchestra
SSTB 879
The Star Spangled Banner (US) / Herois de Mar (Portugal) / Independence March (Turkey) / La Marseillaise (France) / Rufst du Meia Vaterland (Switzerland) / Hymn of the Soviet Union / El Salaam El Gammbouri (Egypt) / O Canada! / Konig Kristian Sted Ved Hajan Mast (Denmark) / Ja Vi Eisker Dette Landet (Norway) / Du Gamia, Du Fria (Sweden) / God Save the Queen (Great Britain) / Deustchland Uber Alles (Germany) / Shannanshah: I ma Zandah Bada (Persia) / Marcha Real (Spain) / Hatikvah (Israel) / Land der Bergs, Land am Strame (Austria) / Inno di Memli (Italy) / Jana Gana Mana (India) / Wihelmus van Nassouwe (Holland) / As-Salam Al Malaki As Saud (Saudi Arabia) / Mesicanos, Al Grito de Guerra (Mexico) / La Brabanconne (Belgium)
Afro Stereo
Cyril Jackson
SSTB 880
Licensed from Counterpoint records.

Mambo Ricci / Guanguanco / Tempena de Min/ Didrenouo / Shango / Road March / Rhun Abierta / Meringue / Conga
Cool Pipes
Bill Thomson
SSTB 881
Track listings below are for the 7.5 ips version. There was also a 3.75 ips edition that came a little later. There was no "swinging combo" as promised, since the 3.75 ips version was an entirely different set of tracks not by Bill Thomson at all  (most of them turned up again on STF 7-881).
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Harlem Nocturne / Blow, Gabriel, Blow / Swinging Shepherd Blues / Blue Violins / Blue Prelude / U.H.O.H. / Venus / Cool Pipes / String of Trumpets / Sleepwalk / Peter Gunn
Dancing at the Waldorf
Francis Walther and his Orchestra
SSTB 882
Licensed from Golden Crest records.

Waltzes: The Rose of Tralee - Pretty Girl Milking a Cow - Come Back to Sorrento - Cockles and Mussels - Gine Mare - Oh Marie - My Wild Irish Rose / Medium Tempo: Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries - Getting to Know You - Bewitched - It's Been a Long Long Time - You Made Me Love You - Sentimental Journey / Bright Tempo: Shall We Dance? - Who? - C'est Magnifique - I Love Paris - Rosalie - I Wish I Were in Love Again - I Won't Dance / Bright Tempo: Put Your Arms Around Me - Honey - The Best Things in Life Are Free - Mister Sandman - Goody Goody - After You've Gone - Oh by Jingo - In the Good Old Summertime - Pack up Your Troubles / Medium Tempo: Love Walked In - Love Is Here to Stay - Like Someone in Love - There Will Never Be Another You - There's a Small Hotel / College Medley: Georgetown Holah Holah Song - The Fordham Ram - Holy Cross Ring Out Your Holahs - Manhattan Men - On Brave Old Army Team - Anchors Away - St John's University Song - Notre Dame Victory March
Music from the Silent Pictures
Mike di Napoli
SSTB 883
LP: OSL 64.
Reissued on CD by Peter Pan. Available on Apple Music.

Curse of an Aching Heart / Hearts and Flowers / Frankie and Johnny / The Villain Theme / Chloe / O Solo Mio / Poet and Peasant / Charge of the Ulans / William Tell Overture / Toyland / My Hero / My Buddy / A Bird in a Gilded Cage
The Merry Widow
Al Goodman and his Orchestra
DSST 884
Merry Widow Waltz / In Marsovia / Women, Women, Women / Maxim's / The Cavalier / Vilia / There Once Were Two Prince's Children / Love in My Heart / Embassy / Finale
The Sound of Sound
SSTB 885
Trains, planes, automobiles, etc.
A Christmas Carol
Sir Lawrence Olivier
SST 900
Available on Apple Music.
Dixieland Ala-Carte
Various Artists
SSTB 907