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The Glenn Miller Sound
Francis Bay and his Big Band / Members of the Glenn Miller Orchestra
ST 4001
This series of "60-minute spectaculars" began while Omegatape was still under Hubert's management. Most repackaged earlier releases, but there were some items given their first reel tape issue. In a handful of cases, a few tracks were dropped for reasons of time. Early entries had packaging and notes consistent with Omega's original standards, but that changed along the way when the New York version of Omegatape took over. Eventually many of these titles would be downgraded to MTF3 releases: 3.75 ips speed monophonic, for the ultimate in atrocious sound. This release combines ST 7026 and ST 7037.

Great dance tape, scrumptuous background music for a party, pure listening pleasure…Don’t know why but the fidelity and precise stereo engineering on this 4 track is considerably better than on the 2-track versions we had of the same programs. —Tape Recording
Champagne Music for Dancing
Lloyd Mumm and his Starlight Roof Orchestra
ST 4002
Combines ST 2026 and ST 7049.
Latin Heat with a Latin Beat
Francis Bay and his Big Band
ST 4003
Combines ST 7039 and ST 7053.
Around the World in 80 Days / Backgrounds for Brando
Hans Hagen / Elmer Bernstein
ST 4004
Combines ST 3012 and ST 3020.
Shep Fields and his Rippling Rhythm
Shep Fields and his Orchestra
ST 4005
Combines ST 7034 and ST 7082. Oddly, using the same number but a generic cover design, an alternate version combined Shep Fields (ST 7034) with Roger Lecussant (ST 7025).

A Toast to Tommy Dorsey
Francis Bay and his Big Band / Members of the Glenn Miller Orchestra
ST 4006
Combines ST 7027 and ST 7035. Omits: Tangerine / Maria Elena / So Rare. Adds: Deep River / I'm Gettin' Sentimental Over You / Daybreak "Special".

Has all the strong beat and sizzling brass sound associated with the Dorsey style, but it is somewhat weak in its arrangements…The four-track production is free from ‘crosstalk’ and the sound is solid. —HiFi/Stereo Review
Swingin' High with Ellington and Basie
Francis Bay and his Big Band
SST 4007
Combines ST 7043 and ST 7045.
Swing Low Great Clarinets
Francis Bay and his Big Band
ST 4008
Combines ST 7040 and  ST 7038. Omits: Brussels Blues / When the Quail Come Back to San Quentin.

The brasses and reeds of the Bay Big Band are wonderful, and so are the strings when they are treated as accompaniment. This should be required listening for every fan who remembers the great days of Goodman and Shaw. —HiFi/Stereo Review
Symphony of the Sea / Symphony of the Blues
Hans Hagen / Brussels World's Fair Orchestra
ST 4009
Combines ST 2027 and ST 2033.

From Ebb Tide to Chant of the sea, the orchestra plays neatly and appealingly…Perhaps the Brusselsmen don’t understand American Blues. Or perhaps it was just a bad day for all. At any rate, the difference is so glaring it doesn’t even sound like the same orchestra. —HiFi/Stereo Review
Gigi / My Fair Lady
Hollywood Radio City Orchestra and Singers
ST 4010
Combines ST 2025 and ST 2036.

I can’t imagine anyone choosing these versions in place of the original soundtrack or original cast recordings. —HiFi/Stereo Review
Peter Gunn / More Peter Gunn
Ted Nash and his Orchestra / Pete Candoli and the All Stars
ST 4011
Combines ST 7048 and ST 7085.
Unauthoried reissue on CD by Fresh Sound.
Strings Around the World
Peter Plum / Brussels World's Fair Orchestra / London Pops Orchestra
ST 4012
Combines ST 7042 and ST 7080. Omits: The Lamp Is Low / None but the Lonely Heart.
The Ink Spots
The Ink Spots
ST 4013
Combines ST 7054 with additional tracks: To Each His Own / Whispering Grass / I'd Climb the Highest Mountain / Sweet Georgia Brown / Indiana / With My Eyes Wide Open / When the Saints Go Marchin In / Gypsy / I'm Makin' Believe / If I Had a Dream 
Glenn Miller - A Musical Memory
Tex Morgan and his Orchestra
ST 4014
Who exactly was Tex Morgan? If he existed, it's anyone's guess. The tracks here seem to be assembled from multiple sources: some Maxwell Davis,  some Bob Freedman, possibly a few sessions from Promenade/Spin-O-Rama, and likely some licensed from Hamburg Radio's dance orchestra.

Rainbow Rhapsody / Story of a Starry Night / Blue Champagne / La Cinquantaine / String of Pearls / Little Brown Jug / Pennsylvania 6-5000 / Boogie Woogie / Midnight Serenade / Greensleeves / Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair / Traumerei / Drigo's Serenade / The Waters of the Minnetonka / Navy Fight Song / Going Home / Evening Star / Army Fight Song / Clair de Lune / Habañera
Under Skies of Paris
Roger Lecussant and his Club Lido Orchestra / Andre Montero and his Orchestra
ST 4015
Combines ST 7028, ST 50, ST 60.
Flower Drum Song / South Pacific
Hollywood Radio City Orchestra and Singers
ST 4016
Combines ST 7071 and ST 2023
Porgy and Bess / Pal Joey
Hollywood Radio City Orchestra and Singers
ST 4017
Combines ST 2022 and ST 7078
The Sound of Music / The Music Man
Al Goodman Singers and Orchestra / Hollywood Radio City Orchestra and Singers
ST 4018
Combines ST 7079 and ST 3033
One Hour with the Boys Choir of Vienna
Boys Choir of Vienna / Vienna State Opera Orchestra
ST 4019
Combines ST 7061 and ST 7069.
Beyond the Reef
The Malahinis of Hawaii
ST 4020
Kings Serenade / Aloha Oe / Yuaka Hula / Memories of Hawaii / Rhythm of the Island / Hawaiian Paradise / Drifting and Dreaming / Beyond the Reef / Sophisticated Hula / Malahini / Song of the Island / Ke Kali Nei Iau / Blue Hawaii / Isle of Golden Dreams / Mauna Wili Hula / Aua Chant / Sweet Leilani / Makala Fua / Maui and Maui Girl / Island Moon

The above listing is as given on the box. The side two titles are apparently taken from ST 7072. An Omegatape catalog lists a different set of songs on side two. Instead of starting with Ke Kali Nei Iau, side two allegedly contains:

Tierre Tropical / Maria Dolores / Tango Illusion / The Only Man on the Island / Buena Sera / Cuban Sombrero
Primitive / Jungle Echoes
Stanley Wilson Orchestra / Chaino and his African Percussion Safari
ST 4021
Combines ST 7086 and ST 7059.
The Al Jolson Songbook
Norman Brooks / Al Goodman and his Orchestra
ST 4022
From the bargain-basement Spin-O-Rama catalog. Though part of the "one hour series" the actual playing time was less than 50 minutes.
Portions available on Apple Music.

Rock-a-Bye My Baby with a Dixie Melody / Gee I Wish I Had a Girl / What'll I Do? / Rosie, You Are My Posie / Shine on Harvest Moon / Blue Skies / Frankie and Johnny / Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder / When I Leave This World Behind / Easter Parade / Cuddle Up a Little Closer / Cheek to Cheek / When the Midnight Choo-Choo Leaves for Alabam' / Honeymoon / Anniversary Song / Ida / Wait Til the Sun Shines Nellie / Banks of the Wabash / When You Were Sweet Sixteen / My Wild Irish Rose
The Al Jolson Songbook
Norman Brooks / Al Goodman and his Orchestra
STF 4022
Alternate 3.75 ips version of the above, with different sequencing:

Rosie / Ida / Mandy / On the Banks of the Wabash / My Wild Irish Rose / Cuddle Up a Little Closer / Blue Skies / Frankie and Johnny / Rock-a-Bye Your Baby with a Dixie Melody / What'll I Do? / There's a Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder / When I Lave the World Behind / Easter Parade / Cheek to Cheek / When the Midnight Choo-Choo Leaves for Alabam' / Gee I Wish I Had a Girl / Honeymoon / Anniversary Song / Wait Till the Sun Shines Nellie / When You Were Sweet Sixteen
Remember When?
Ted Weems and his Orchestra
ST 4023
Reissue of ST 7083 with additional tracks: Sympathy / Jealous / Remember / Bye Bye Blackbird / There'll Never Be Another You / April Showers / I Can't Give You Anything But Love / Thinking of You / Glory of Love / Ain't Misbehavin' / Taking a Chance on Love / When You're Smiling
Remember When?
Ted Weems and his Orchestra / Vincent Lopez
STF3 4023
Later, alternate 3.75 ips release of above replaces second Ted Weems album ('Remember When?') with Vincent Lopez. Reissue of ST 7083 and ST 7103.
Dreamsville / Early Bird
The Monn Keys / Allyn Ferguson and his Orchestra
ST 4024
Combines contents of Monn-Keys "Dreamsville" (OSL-56) with second, unreleased album ("Early Bird").
"Dreamsville" available on Apple Music. Entire unreleased ‘Early Bird’ album on youtube.

Dreamsville / Bye Bye Blackbird / The Bad and the Beautiful / Like Young / Señor Blues / Misty / Too Close for Comfort / Soothe Me / The Song Is You / Day Dream / Early Bird / Come Softly to Me / Wedding Day / The Lady with the Alligator Purse / All of My Life / Catch a Falling Star / In the Middle of an Island / My Special Angel / Last Train to San Fernando / Puttin' on the Style / Love Me / Why Must I Be Alone?
Hits of the Gay 90s and the Roaring 20s
The Good Old Timers
ST 4025
Give My Regards to Broadway / The Shiek of Araby / Ballin' the Jack / Goody Goody / Dixie / Varsity Drag / Rings on her Fingers / Ma He's Makin' Eyes at Me / Buffalo Gal / Show Me the Way to Go Home / A Bicycle Built for Two / Harrigan / After the Ball / Dear Old Girl / Side by Side / You're a Grand Old Flag / There's a Tavern in the Town / I've Been Workin' on the Railroad / Deep River / East Side, West Side / Swing Low, Sweet Chariot / Bedelia / The Bowery / For He's a Jolly Good Fellow / Will You Love Me in December As You Do in May?
Big Band Swings the Classics
Bob Freedman and his Orchestra
STF 4026
One of the first one-hour tapes from the new management. From this point forward the one-hour series used an STF prefix. No notes, just a list of titles and a generic Omega blurb on the back. More sloppiness: Bob Freedman conducted some of the tracks heard here, but it's padded out with Francis Bay, Maxwell Davis, and others (some of them also appearing on the 'Tex Morgan' tape). Around this time, some or all of these STF 4xxx tapes began to appear with the prefix STF 3-, indicating a 3.75 ips release that sometimes dropped a few more tracks.

Poem by Fibich / Hymn to the Sun / Romance / Mattinella / Polovtsian Dances / Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto / Anvil Chorus / Londonderry Air / Drigo's Serenade / La Cinquantaine / Traumerei / Clair de Lune / Oh Evening Star / Habañera / Battle Hymn of the Republic / Greensleeves / By the Waters of the Minnetonka / Bizet Has His Day / Rhapsody in Blue / Sleepy Lagoon / Going Home / Story of a Starry Night
The Kings of Dixieland
STF 4027
Performers include Vic Dickenson, Pee Wee Russell, Buck Clayton, Jo Jones, Bud Freeman. LP: OSL 52, OSL 63.

Bugle Call Rag / St James Infirmary / When the Saints Go Marchin' In / Sweet Sue / Muskrat Ramble / Ballin' the Jack / Synthetic Blues / Billboard  / Embraceable You / Strike Up the Band / Fascinatin' Rhythm / Somebody Loves Me / Someone to Watch Over Me
Songs of the American Frontier
Bob Freedman and his Orchestra
STF 4028
This reel appears to combine portions of two different recordings. One is a Crown album allegedly performed by "Johnny Williams and the Singing Cowboys". The other is a selection of Western favorites from "Rex Trailer and his Cow Hands" that appeared on Parade, Spin-O-Rama, Diplomat etc (which may explain the credit to Bob Freedman, who worked for the Synthetic Plastics labels).

Jambalaya / Kawliga / Red River Valley / I Won't Be Home Any More / The Prisoner Song / Down in the Valley / Sweet Betsy from Pike / Home on the Range / Song of the Wagon Master / The Bad Brahma Bull / Riding Down the Canyon / Cattle Call / Blue Tail Fly / The Last Round-Up / The Letter Edged in Black / Rosewood Casket / Bury Me Beneath the Willow / Carry Me Back to Old Virginny / Careless Love / Love Sick Blues
Sparkle of Strauss Waltzes
London Pops Orchestra
STF 4029
Artist's Life / Tales from the Vienna Woods / Wine, Women, and Song / Morning Journals / Southern Roses / Blue Danube / Emperor Waltz / Die Fledermaus / 1001 Nights / Vienna Life / Be Embraced / Enjoy Your Life / Eat, Drink, and Be Merry / Ball Waltz Dances / You and You
The Sound of the Bullring
Sinfonica Populare of Barcelona
STF 4030
La Virgen de la Macarena / España Cani / Toque Torero / Toreador Song / Cielo Andaluzia / El Relicario / Novillero / Gato Montez / Toque / La Sorella / Banderillero / Angelina / Gailto / Toque de Muerte Granada
Salute to Stan Kenton / Salute to Ted Heath
Francis Bay and his Big Band
STF 4040
Combines ST 7046 and ST 7036
Salute to Count Basie / Salute to Lionel Hampton
Francis Bay and his Big Band / Members of the Lionel Hampton Orchestra
STF 4041
Combines ST 7045 and ST 7084
Salute to Woody Herman / Salute to Artie Shaw
 Members of the Woody Herman Orchestra / Francis Bay and his Big Band
STF 4042
Combines ST 7077 and ST 7040
Salute to Les Brown / Salute to Harry James
Francis Bay and his Big Band
STF 4043
Combines ST 7044 and ST 7041; omits: Don't Cha Go Away Mad
Salute to Charlie Barnet
Charlie Barnet and his Orchestra
STF 4044
Combines ST 7066 and ST 7073 (actually a Maxwell Davis "tribute" to Barnet). Omits: Skyliner (Barnet version).

Davis: Cherokee / Pompton Turnpike / Charleston Alley / Really / Claude Reigns / Redskin Rhumba / Skyliner / East Side West Side / Lonely Street / Charley's Other Aunt
Barnet: Cherokee - Caravan / Let the Good Times Roll / I've Got It Bad / Gone with the Wind / E-O-Eleven Blues / Skyliner / Rocking in Rhythm / One for My Baby / The Lady Is a Tramp / Mughunters' Ball - Closing Theme
Salute to Benny Goodman
Francis Bay and his Big Band / Members of the Benny Goodman Orchestra
STF 4045
Combines ST 7038 and ST 7068.
Later 3.75 ips release omits: Air Mail Special / Goodbye / Down Hill Special / The Saints Go Marchin' In
Salute to Duke Ellington
Francis Bay and his Big Band
STF 4046
Reissue of ST 7043; omits: Mainstem / Jack the Bear. Adds: non-Bay material (mostly by Bob Freedman): Green, Pink, and Plaid / Jane / Hum Drum / It Don't Mean a Thing / Dark Dawn / Anatomy of a Murder / Flirtybird / Almost Cried / etc
Swingin' Night People
Francis Bay and his Big Band
STF 4048
Combines ST 7106 and ST 7105.
Golden Hymns
Jimmy Graham / Johnny Kay / The Abbey Choir
STF 4050
Going Home / God Be With You / Take Time to Be Holy / Sweet Peace / Beautiful Isle of Somewhere / I Need Thee Every Hour / Now the Day Is Over / Whispering Hope / Near My God / His Eye Is on the Sparrow / Jasus Saviour Pilot Me / What a Friend We Have in Jesus / Rock of Ages / Prayer of Thanksgiving / Onward Christian Soldiers / A Mighty Fortress Is Our God / Holy God We Praise Thy Name / Goodnight Sweet Jesus / Holy Holy Holy / Faith of Our Fathers / Father Father / Abide with Me / My Rosary
Polka Time
Paul Paulaski and his Polka Dots
ST 4051
Who was Paul Paulaski? These recordings appeared on a myriad of budget labels: he was Stanley Pulaski on Spin-O-Rama, Paul Postki on Coronet, Stanley Woslowski on Celebrity, and Alex Pulaski on Crown. In fact most of these performances (maybe all except the last track) are by Larry Chesky and his Orchestra, one of the top polka bands in the country. A few of the songs are mistitled, by accident or design.

Springtime Polka / Strip Polka / 10 Little Indians / Too Fat Polka / Diane Polka / Happy Whistler Polka / Barbara Polka / Julida Polka / Frieda's Landler / Ferry Boat Polka / Sharp Shooter's Polka / Stashiu Pandowsky Polka / Minka Polka / No Name Polka (Favorite Polka?) / Beer Barrel Polka / Amelia Polka / Yes, We Have No Bananas Polka / Dancing Tulip Polka / Helena Polka / Rheinlander Polka (Hop Skotch?) / Whoopie Shoopie Polka / Winnipeg Polka (Clarinet Polka) / Tinker Polka / Three-Four Polka (Big Leader Polka?) / Krakowiak Polka (?) 
Christmas in Stereo
Johnny Kay / Boys Choir of Vienna / Vienna State Opera Orchestra
STF 4055
Combines ST 2028 with a selection of Christmas tunes sung by Johnny Kay, with accompaniment by Al Goodman's ensemble (uncredited).
Added: Hark the Herald Angels Sing / Oh Little Town of Bethlehem / Away in a Manger / Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly / White Christmas / It Came Upon a Midnight Clear / God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen / We Three Kings of Orient Are / Oh Holy Night / Joy to the World
Yesterday's Hits--Today's Classics
George Liberace and his Orchestra
STF 4060
Combines ST 7074 and ST 7104. Omits: Blue Danube (from 7074).
Dine and Dance with George Liberace
George Liberace and his Orchestra
STF 3-4060
The remaining "long-playing" releases (STF 3.75 ips speed) have been confirmed, but it is not known if 7.5 ips versions exist for these or any STF 3-4xxx releases after 4060.
Blue Hawaii
The Polynesians
STF 3-4061
Musician's Choice
Francis Bay and his Big Band
STF 3-4062
Combines ST 7094 and SSTB 876; omits: Scrapple for the Apple / Line for Lyons / Jada / Lullaby in Ragtime.
Tangos of the Argentine
The Rafael Valdez Orchestra
STF 3-4063
The Happy Harmonica
Danny Welton
STF 3-4064

Cha Cha Cha
Art Mooney
STF 3-4066
Al Goodman Plays Music of Gershwin and 'The Merry Widow'
Al Goodman
STF 3-4067
Combines SSTB 873 and SSTB 884.
Featuring Andre Previn
Andre Previn
STF 3-4069
Half from a Tops record of Andre Previn playing Fats Waller; half from who knows where.

Ain’t Misbehavin’ / That’s Where the South Begins / Fatstuff / Black and Blue / I’ve Got a Feeling I’m Falling / Honeysuckle Rose / Stealin’ Apples / Malaguena / Aye, Aye, Aye / Habanera / Espana / El Relicario / La Paloma / Gypsy Dance / Espana Cani / Cielito Lindo / Capricio Espanol
Sing Along
The Kirby Stone Four / The Sportsmen
STF 3-4070
The Kirby Stone Four selections appear to have been recycled from a an early KS4 record that appeared  on Tops / Mayfair / Golden-Tone / Rondo / Acorn (whew!). The Sportsmen also recorded for Tops / Mayfair, so draw your own conclusions!

They All Laughed / Little Brown Jug / Red Sails in the Sunset / Oh Susannah / On Top of Old Smokey / Let's Take the Long Way Home / Lover / This Heart's for Sale / etc
Bizet: Carmen Suite / Ravel: Bolero / Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake / Offenbach etc
STF 3-4072
These performances were licensed from a Hamburg distributor and had appeared under various pseudonymns on labels like Crown, Diplomat, etc. They were actually performed by the Hamburg Philharmonia conducted by Hans Jurgens-Walther and C.A. Bunte.
Bizet: Carmen Suite / Ravel: Bolero / Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake / Offenbach etc
STF 3-4073
As above; performed by the Hamburg Philharmonia conducted by Hans Jurgens-Walther.
Beethoven: Symphony 5 / Tchaikovsky/ Sibelius
STF 3-4074
Performed by the Hamburg Philharmonia conducted by Hans Jurgens-Walther.
Mussorgsky: Night on Bald Mountain / Debussy / Dukas / etc
STF 3-4075
Licensed from Hamburg, performed by the Hamburg Philharmonia conducted by Hans Jurgens-Walther.
Stravinsky: Dumbarton Oaks Concerto
Grofe: Grand Canyon Suite
STF 3-4076
Easily the most bizarre Omegatape coupling ever. No performers identified, but the Stravinsky (licensed from Club Francais du Disque) is by Gunter Wand and the Cologne Gurzenich Orchestra, the Grofe by the Hamburg Philharmonia under the direction of Hans Jurgens-Walther.
Beethoven: Symphony 5 / Tchaikovsky / Sibelius
STF 3-5038
Repackaging of STF 3-4074 above.
In the Mood
Francis Bay Orchestra
MTF 3-8001
At this point in the devolution, the mono versions were becoming more common than the stereos, but neither sounded good at the 3.75 ips speed. Also the mono tapes were labeled '2 track', but whether they really were is unclear. Half-track machines had become obsolete, and half-track mono tapes wouldn't save on costs because they'd use just as much tape as quarter-track stereo. This release combines ST 7037, minus At Last, with 'Tex Morgan' selections from ST 4014 above. Note the cover sloppiness, claiming simultaneously that the tape is 7.5 ips and 3.75 ips, and that it's 2-track and 4-track...a result of just pasting a new header on the original 4-track cover. This also means At Last is promised on the front, but not among the titles listed on the back.
Salute to Stan Kenton / Salute to Ted Heath
Francis Bay Orchestra
MTF 3-8015
Repackaging of ST 4040 above, omitting The Peanut Vendor / Madagascar.
Dine and Dance with George Liberace
George Liberace
MTF 3-8024
Repackaging of the already shortened ST 4060 above, additionally omitting: Indian Love Call / You're My Friend, Ain't Cha - The Night They Invented Champagne / The Peanut Vendor / Blue Danube Waltz - True Love - Chopin Waltz. May or may not be the mono equivalent of STF 3-4060 above.
Lehar: The Merry Widow
Hans Hagen
RSTC 300
The remainder of the titles on this page are 7.5 ips speed.
From ST 3011.
Reissued by ReDiscovery.
Schubert: Symphony 9
Ataulfo Argenta / Cento Soli Orchestra of Paris
RSTC 302
Licensed from Club Francais du Disque.
LP: OSL 12.
Reissued on CD by EMI and Accord.
Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique
Louis Fourestier / Cento Soli Orchestra of Paris
RSTC 304
Licensed from Club Francais du Disque.
From: ST 3013. LP: OSL 9.
Reissued on CD by Accord.
Music of Stravinsky
Gunter Wand / Cologne Gurzenich Orchestra
Rudolf Albert / Cento Soli Orchestra of Paris
RSTC 305
Licensed from Club Francais du Disque.
Petrouchka: From ST 3014.
LP: OSL 8.
Reissued on CD by Accord.

Dumbarton Oaks Concerto / Petrouchka
Beethoven: Symphony 5
Schubert: Symphony 8 "Unfinished"
Gunter Wand / Cologne Gurzenich Orchestra
Licensed from the Club Francais du Disque. Beethoven from STD-13. Schubert reissued on OSL 70.
Franck: Organ Music
Pierre Cochereau
From STD-13. LP: OSL 45.
Strings Around the World
Brussels World’s Fair Orchestra
SST 7042
An odd quarter-track release of ST-7042 using the half-track catalog number.